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Home Selling Tips

Why use a REALTOR ?

REALTORS are trained, accountable professionals who provide valuable information and expertise to sellers through all phases of marketing, negotiations, contracts, and closing. Call me to discuss the many detailed benefits of using a REALTOR .

Consider location, size, age, and condition as well as other factors to determine the value of your home. I can provide helpful information about similar homes that have sold that will be extremely valuable when pricing your home. Call me for more information.

Take the same objective look at your home that potential buyers will. Do you need to make minor repairs or clean up those unsightly marks on the walls? Fixing them will ensure the highest possible prices and fastest sale of your home. I can guide you in determining what may need that extra bit of attention. Call me today.


“Staging” is an interior design technique that may help sell your house quicker. Staging involves eliminating clutter, cleaning, removing distractions and rearranging furniture. Call me for tips on making your home more marketable.

Sense Appeal

“Sense Appeal” increases desirability to potential buyers when marketing your home. Soft music, cookies in the oven, ceiling fans moving softly and lots of good lighting heightens the buyer’s senses. Call me for more great ideas to create a pleasant ambiance.

Furry Friends

“Furry Friends”, your lovable pets, may cost you a home buyer. Call me to discuss ways to minimize their presence while marketing your home.

Curb Appeal

“Curb Appeal” is critical to sell your home. Buyers form a lasting impression about your home from the moment they see your driveway. Call me for great ideas to ensure a great first impression.


“Sparkle” sells your home faster and easier. I have tips to help you present your home as well-maintained and more appealing to potential buyers. Call me.

Simple Steps to Moving

Hire a moving company

Using recommendations from people you know and organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) and the Better Business Bureau, hire a moving company. Be sure to get competitive bids first. Look to hire a company six to eight weeks before your move.

Take inventory

Make a list of the belongings you plan to move and their worth, to better track them. Use your video camera or mobile phone to take electronic inventory.

Get additional insurance, if needed

Look into how much insurance coverage your mover and your homeowner's insurance company provide for your belongings during your move, and if need be, purchase additional insurance from your mover or from a third-party insurer.

Cut back

The less stuff you own, the less you'll have to move. Whittle away at your un-important possessions through garage sales, online selling or by donating items to charity.

Get supplies

Moving requires plenty of boxes, packing tape and protective packaging like bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. Try to get used boxes and newspapers from friends and family and from local stores, and if you have to, buy fresh supplies. Don't forget markers and labels to clearly identify what's in which box.

Be organized

Working several weeks before your move, map out which items will be moved to which room in your new place. Pack items according to in which room they'll be placed. Pack heavier items first, placing lighter items on top. Pack breakables in their own boxes, clearly noting "fragile" on the box. Separate valuable items and important documents (e.g., jewelry, birth certificates, bank statements, etc.) and place in a fire-safe box. If you can, personally move them yourself. Pack items you'll need right away in your new home (e.g., toiletry, medicines and clothing) in a separate box and make sure you can find it easily once you've relocated.

Stop services

Set a date to have utilities and other services (cable, magazine subscriptions) terminated at your previous home.

Home Buying Tips

Fine Tune Your Credit

Fine-tune your credit rating before applying for a loan. Cancel unused credit cards, hold off on major credit purchases, and consolidate loans… Call me to discuss other ways to optimize and possibly remove your credit rating.


Pre-qualify for your mortgage BEFORE you begin your home search. Pre-qualified buyers know what they can afford, speed up the loan process and are more appealing to sellers. Call me to help you with the pre-qualification process.

Consider Affordability

Generally you can afford a home that costs up to 2 ½ times your family’s annual gross income. For example, with a gross income of $40,000, you may be able to afford a home worth about $100,000. Also, the lower the interest rate, the more home you can afford. Call me for more information.

Four recommendations

Four recommendations to help position yourself for home ownership:

  1. Establish good credit habits and a favorable credit history.
  2. Start saving for a down payment and closing costs.
  3. Read books about owning a home.
  4. Research where you would like to live.

Fair Price

Fair price is based on many variables when purchasing a home. As a REALTOR , I have the knowledge and expertise to negotiate the right price for you. Call me to learn more about fair market value.